Poster sulle scarpe da corsa

The Running Clinic just finalized the conception of 3 posters that explain what is a minimalist shoe and when to prescribe it.


The objective over these posters is to inform the public on the right choice of running shoes and to provide current evidence based tools to professionals. Note that the recommendations are very conservative (shoe types and suggested transition time) and that they are meant to change current aberrant practices. It is unfortunately still professed by several organizations (ex: march 2012's Runner's World) that the choice of a running shoe is linked to:



  • Foot type (shoe for pronator, neutral or supinator foot)
  • The runner's weight (more or less support and cushioning in the shoe)
  • The runner's speed (racer, light trainer or trainer type shoe)


But, science does not support any of these criteria and even invalidates some. On the other hand, science does guide us very well on the influence that different types of shoes have on biomechanics and also over the applied stress on certain tissues.


Recommendations according to the runner's experience, injury type, or the wish or not to improve performance are found with much more sense.


Poster #1 explains the criteria that make a shoe a minimalist shoe. These criteria also have a priority order and a vulgarized explanation. Poster #1 (english)


Poster #2 is the organization chart of detailed prescription that professionals can use. Everything is rigorously justified... but its complexity sometimes requires a bit of coaching. Poster #2 (english)


Poster #3 is the simplified version for runners who question themselves about which shoe they should choose. Poster #3 (english)