Politicamente scorretto !

Mores, customs, habits, market influences, illogicality, over-medicalization, over prescription, aberrations... Man’s foolishness and the desire to "correct things" are frequent in the world of sports and medicine. You will find below a list of 10 such aberrations. But be warned, these 10 points are politically incorrect!


1. When practicing sports, you must drink before being thirsty because the signal from your brain informing you that you are thirsty is delayed. Moreover, you need to drink at least 2 liters of liquid every day.


2. A kid getting older will eventually be moved to a bigger bed where an additional pillow will find no actual use other than creating a dependency... but for what purpose?


3. Even before being able to walk, kids will wear shoes. This will create interference between the foot and the ground, which will in turn prevent an optimal motor development.


4. For unknown reasons, young teenagers will be imposed with cushioned shoes with elevated heels.


5. Medications are used early on in life, and sometimes for mysterious reasons. Indeed, Tylenol is widely given to kids to lower body temperature, which is in fact a necessary natural response from our body to fight viral or bacterial affections.


6. Anti-inflammatories are taken to control bodily pain. However, that pain is brought about as a means to remind us that we need to slow down. Anti-inflammatories also inhibit healing and repair mechanisms triggered by nature.


7. Foot pronation (when foot arch collapses during weight bearing) is considered abnormal by some health professionals. To prevent injuries, it is necessary to wear foot orthotics.


8. Once the recommendation stipulating that it was important to stretch before any activity had traveled around the world, all recreational and elite athletes followed suit.


9. Even before getting their butt off the couch and getting moving, men would rather swallow different types of pills to treat their metabolic syndromes (hypertension, hyperglycemia, hypercholesterolemia, etc.). Rather than referring patients to a kinesiologist (physical activity specialist), physicians will often choose the easy way out and prescribe these very same drugs.


10. Political decisions have downgraded physical education in school to a low priority. Everywhere around the world, schools are now developing young adults who are sedentary, obese and disease-prone.


The moral of the story is that human beings will always consider themselves more intelligent than nature itself. They will try to solve non-existent problems, problems that they created themselves, or go for the easy kill without considering the potential effects of their actions. Short-term solutions are always preferred to those that make us sweat! You had been warned that we were not going to be politically correct. We hope to have been successful in making a point about some of humans’ automated responses. Are there any other aberrations that you would like to share with us? Do you disagree with us or think that we are disconnected from reality? Tell us what you think! We will provide you with explanations or references.