La Mini-Maratona The Running Clinic



 The Running Clinic (TRC) travelled across Quebec last summer to promote physical activity among the youth as well as best practices as regards runners’ health. Indeed, TRC mini-marathons have already been organized as part of 28 sports events to date!


What is a TRC Mini-Marathon? It’s a friendly and informative circuit of races for children. In a festive atmosphere, TRC offers a structured warm-up for young runners as well as access to educational material. Practical tips and advice are integrated into all activities while focusing on the importance of making physical activity fun, in addition to ensuring that kids eat well and get enough sleep! The “golden rules” of running are also available along with a colorful initiation program. In 2014, TRC got more than 5,000 children moving, with smiles on their faces at that! If you are interested in learning more about children and running, TRC has produced a multi-page insert on the subject (article in french). Namely, recommendations on physical activity and on how to select a pair of running shoes are addressed.  + Link (french)