L'analisi dell'intervento di Simon Bartold

Comments over the debate on footwear held in Austin-Texas in december 2011 brought a lot of feedback. Defenders and opponents of minimalist footwear (running shoes that bring sensations close to running barefoot) have displayed their arguments with passion in accordance to their believes and their experience, but very few have used honest science to show and prove their point. So here it is!


The integral conference given by Simon Bartold (ASICS consultant) at the Independent Running Retailers of Canada congress in Austin, TX in December of 2011 is now available with comments and critics added throughout the video by Blaise Dubois from The Running ClinicTM. This highly educative content is made available to health professionals, fitness instructors and especially to shoe retailers for educational purpose. When watching this video, you will notice that scientific arguments are often difficult to mix with marketing arguments, unless you build your own science, deform real science or choose it carefully. We hope that this video will bring people to have a deeper reflection on all the science about running shoes. Enjoy!